CAVAC photo free-for all…

This is an unlinked page showing many (not all by any means) of the many CAVAC photos available for the web site (or other purposes). While many have been cropped and otherwise edited, many have not (so might look better if we decide to use them).

These are some quick mechanisms to let others view available images. Let me know if I need to provide a better presentation mechanism.

There are two Google Albums linked below (some of these photos have already been uploaded to the site but many have not). These you see in their current state.

We also may want to try yet again, as the 50th anniversary approaches, to solicit member photos (including physical photos) for our collection.

Off-Site Images

On Site Images

The WordPress standard for images (and videos and PDFs and the like) is Media. This quickly-created gallery does not contain everything uploaded but a lot (there are more photos in Media on the site). These are not seen in their cropped state.

Below the Media images are NextGen Gallery photos (scroll way down the page). These are shown in thumbnail size, cropped, and clicking on them will show the full image. As seen, NextGen can provide some more interesting photo presentations on a page.

Media (on site)

NextGen Gallery (already on site)

There are more photos in NextGen on site