CAVAC: Student Corps

CAVAC  Student Corps

Student Corps members serve as assistant crew members in support of the Paramedic or EMT and perform community service. 

Student Corps duties include assisting on calls, helping to re-stock the ambulance, attending  training, attending community activities, attending monthly meetings, and assisting in educating the public. Students are required to commit to a minimum of three two-hour shifts each month.

To become a member of the CAVAC Student Corps, submit the Application Form below and you will be contacted for an interview. Upon membership approval you must complete a first-aid course and be certified for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automatic external defibrillator). CAVAC provides all the necessary training.  Some of our former Student Corps Members have gone on to become EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technician) while in college.  One former member is now in Medical school while still volunteering at CAVAC as an EMT as his schedule permits.

Membership counts towards high school community service requirements. 

You must be 15 years old for for full Student Corps membership, but CAVAC Student Corps Junior membership is open to those who are 14 years old. This enables you to complete all of the training so that you are eligible to ride the ambulance as soon as you turn 15.


To join this fun and rewarding team submit the applications below

On-line Application

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Contact us via e-mail to studentcorps at CAVACAmbulance.Org

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