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CAVAC Goes Into Operation (1974) - Cazenovia Republican

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Article Title(s)
Republican Issue
Advertisement – Smith Funeral Home Ambulance Service January 31, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-01-31-page-10
Ambulance Service To End Next Year February 28, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-02-28-page-1
Ambulance Study Set May 2, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-05-02-page-1
Form Committee on Ambulance May 16, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-05-16-page-3
Editorial – No Time to Waste May 23, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-05-23-page-4
Info Meeting on Ambulance Corps June 6, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-06-06-page-1
Funeral Home Will Not Close June 6, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-06-06-page-2
Advertisement – Smith Funeral Home…only the ambulance service is being discontinued June 13, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-06-13-page-6
Volunteers Plan Ambulance Corps June 20, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-06-20-page-7
Ambulance Drive Begins August 15, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-08-15-page-3
Ambulance Training to Begin August 22, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-08-22-page-13
Editorial – Do It Now! | Letter – Firemen Back Ambulance Drive September 12, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-09-12-page-4
Advertisement – GIVE! September 19, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-09-19-page-7
Cazenovia Masons Donate Equipment December 5, 1973 …cazenovia-republican-1973-12-05-page-2
Everything Ready But Volunteers January 16, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-01-16-page-6
Preservation Group Seeks New Members (Carriage House Renovation for CAVAC) January 30, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-01-30-page-8
Banquet for CAVAC February 6, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-02-06-page-16
CAVAC Volunteers Plan, Train for 6,000 Hours February 13, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-02-13-page-3
Chapman is Speaker February 13, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-02-13-page-2
CAVAC Goes Into Operation March 6, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-03-06-page-5
Public is Invited (Open House) March 20, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-03-20-page-1
CAVAC Answering a Variety of Calls April 17, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-04-17-page-5
CAVAC Ambulance Defies Gremlins May 15, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-05-15-page-15
Classified – Card of Thanks May 22, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-05-22-page-22
Offers Courses June 5, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-06-05-page-5
Volunteers Needed for CAVAC Jobs July 3, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-07-03-page-7
CAVAC Has Second General Meeting October 2, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-10-02-page-2
150 Pariticipate in Disaster Drill at Woodstock | CAVAC Answers 40 Emergencies October 16, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-10-16-page-9
Juniors to Join CAVAC October 23, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-10-23-page-2
CAVAC Readies Financial Audit October 30, 1974 …cazenovia-republican-1974-10-30-page-3
Happy Birthday, CAVAC! February 29, 1984 …cazenovia-republican-1984-02-29-page-5
Skills, Capacities Grow in CAVAC’s Ten Years February 29, 1984 …cazenovia-republican-1984-02-29-page-6