Insurance Billing Info & FAQ

Who do I contact about billing issues? CAVAC now contracts all billing through a 3rd-party service provider (AIM).  Should you have a question, they can be reached at 800-280-5974 or via mail at:

AIM EMS Billing Services (ATTN. CAVAC.) 892 New Castle Road, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Why does CAVAC need my insurance information?  CAVAC requires medical insurance information to submit an insurance claim on your behalf for CAVAC’s charges for medical services on an EMS call that results in a hospital transport. 

If CAVAC is a volunteer organization, why do they charge?  CAVAC has significant operating expenses such as paramedic pay, medical supplies, drug supplies, ambulance fuel and repair costs, and the station operating costs such as phone, electricity, and heating.

What if I have no insurance? Patients without insurance are assisted with alternative payment options such as with Medicaid eligibility, working out a payment reduction, or other payment arrangements.

Are there services CAVAC does not charge for?  CAVAC only charges if they provide hospital transport.  CAVAC does not charge for any equipment loans of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc.

What if I receive a check from my insurance company for CAVAC ambulance charges? Some health insurance companies will send payment directly to the patient that received ambulance transport services.  If you receive a check directly from your insurance company, please mail it to our 3rd party service provider (AIM) at the address below.  You do not need to endorse the check or make it payable to CAVAC.  Should you have a question, they can be reached at 800-280-5974.

AIM EMS Billing Services (ATTN. Cazenovia Area Volunteer Ambulance Corp.) 892 New Castle Road Slippery Rock, PA 16057  

Insurance payments must be turned over to CAVAC.  CAVAC is notified when a claim check is sent to a patient.  In the case of non-payment to CAVAC by the patient, CAVAC will seek recovery of these funds through collections and litigation if necessary.

Will CAVAC bill me for charges not covered by my insurance?  Depending on the insurance coverage, CAVAC will bill the patient as follows: 

  • MEDICAID CAVAC accepts the Medicaid pay as payment in full.  The patient will not have any out of pocket expense.
  • MEDICARE Medicare payments are applied according to the patient’s policy and the patient may be billed for copays and coinsurance as deemed the responsibility of the patient by Medicare and the insurance company.
  • PRIVATE/EMPLOYER Insurance CAVAC does not enter in to contracts with private/employer insurance providers so CAVAC’s billing rates often exceed what the insurer will pay.  CAVAC does not bill the patient for the difference.  However, CAVAC will bill the patient for the co-insurance , copays and deductibles the patient is responsible to pay.