CAVAC Personnel Changes

To: All members of CAVAC

From: Eric Byers, Chief of Operations

Subject: Personnel Changes

Effective March 1, 2011, the following appointments take effect at CAVAC:

  • Deputy Chief of Operations
  • Deputy of Medics
  • Deputy of Training and CME Manager
  • Deputy of Vehicle Maintenance

Three factors precipitated these changes.

1. CAVAC serves as a provider of emergency medical services, and the deputy positions affected by these changes require individuals possessing knowledge of emergency medicine. CAVAC faces a continued reduction in the number of volunteer EMS providers, and therefore a continually smaller pool of EMS knowledgeable volunteers resulting in difficulty in filling these deputy positions.

2. CAVAC’s career paramedics comprise a pool of extremely talented and experienced EMS providers. For this reason, the Deputy of Equipment Supplies and the Deputy of Training positions have been staffed by career members for several years.

3. CAVAC’s Bylaws limit the Chief of Operations from serving more than three consecutive terms. My final term expires in April. The Executive Committee canvassed the membership for potential, qualified COO candidates with no success.

Facing the possibility of no volunteer candidate for the COO position, I elected to expand the staffing of deputy positions by career paramedics now while two months remain in my term. Over the next two months, the responsibility for the day to day operations of CAVAC will transition from me to the following;

  • Deputy Chief of Operations – Dan Hudson
  • Deputy of Medics – Dave Ammann
  • Deputy of Training and CME Manager – Dave Masiclat
  • Deputy of Vehicle Maintenance – Lyle Mason

Dan Hudson’s appointment as Deputy Chief reflects his unique combination of the following;

  • Significant CAVAC operational experience
  • Significant EMS experience through Rural Metro, Carrier Dome and CAVAC
  • Professional work provides his presence in the Cazenovia area on a regular basis

The bylaws provide for the Deputy Chief of Operations to;

  • Assist the Chief of Operations in any way he may direct.
  • Have the same duties and authority as the Chief of Operations in the event he is not available for consultation within a reasonable time.

With the latitude to direct the Deputy Chief to assist me in any way, I am directing Dan Hudson as Deputy Chief of Operations to assume the following duties from Section 10 of the Bylaws;

a) Be responsible for the various phases of ambulance services.
b) Be responsible for maintenance and general appearance of the vehicle.
c) Interpret and enforce operational rules and regulations.

e) Investigate reports, favorable and unfavorable, review facts, and take corrective measures and issue orders and instructions to person or persons involved. If it becomes necessary for disciplinary action against any Operational Member of CAVAC, it shall be the duty of the Chief of Operations to notify the member and Executive Committee.
f) Make known rules and regulations and policies in writing and post appropriately at Headquarters.
g) Report in writing specific incidents he deems important to the Executive Committee in a monthly meeting.
h) Maintain an Operational force, which shall be properly trained.
I) Coordinate or designate a coordinator for activities of the ambulance service in meetings of a special instructive nature.
j) Hold Operations meetings.

The Deputy Chief of Operations does not have my authority to assume any other duties of the Chief of Operations listed in the Bylaws.

These references from the bylaws simply mean that all dispatchers, drivers, medical (volunteer and career) and other deputies report to and take direction from the Deputy Chief of Operations.

A list of the Deputies including contact information will be distributed electronically, and posted at Base.

These changes take effect Tuesday, March 1, 2011. Please contact me should you have any questions concerning these changes.

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