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CAVAC is an organization dedicated to helping its community – we are truly “people helping people.” Although we do employ paid, professional Paramedics for our core daily service, all other CAVAC members are volunteers. Our members get great satisfaction from their many contributions to CAVAC and the Cazenovia-area community.

CAVAC is always in need of new volunteers of all types and ages, serving as drivers, dispatchers, EMTs, general members, and Student Corps. We would love to talk with you about how you might contribute to CAVAC.

Stop by this December!

Our Deputy of Crew Coordinators will be available to answer questions and take applications if you would like to stop by CAVAC on the following dates:

Tuesday Dec 13  5 -7 pm
Thursday Dec 15  5-7 pm
Saturday Dec 19  9-11 am

Questions? Contact Colleen Majka via email at deputycrewcoordinators@cavacambulance.org

Complete our On-Line Information Request Form

or Download our CAVAC Volunteer Brochure (contains a printed Information Request Form)

or Send e-mail to volunteer@cavacambulance.org

or Call 655-9798

CAVAC Volunteer Driver


CAVAC’s standard ambulance crew consists of a volunteer driver and a paid Paramedic.  In addition to driving the ambulance, CAVAC drivers assist the Paramedic as required; medical training or background is not required beyond basic CPR (provided). Drivers are asked to staff two 6-hour shifts each month, but are also needed for less-regular backup shifts or temporary assignments (e.g., standby duty at football games and races). Drivers living near CAVAC are able to cover their shifts from home.

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Crew Coordinator (was Dispatcher)

Crew coordinators work at CAVAC base, contacting backup crews, answering the phone, logging call information, greeting walk-ins, and handling other administrative duties. Crew coordinators normally serve 1 or 2 4-hour shifts per month.

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Volunteer EMTs assist our paid Paramedics as crew members on some shifts, but also may handle Basic Life Support (BLS) calls on their own and serve as backup medical.  CAVAC occasionally hosts EMT training courses.  Many volunteers start as drivers and receive EMT training while CAVAC members. EMTs generally work 6-hour shifts.

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Student Corps

Student Corps

Student Corps members serve as assistant crew members in support of the Paramedic or EMT and perform community service. Students who are interested in learning and volunteering with CAVAC should visit the Student Corps page for information and an application.

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General Membership

If you have limited free time or can’t serve as a crew coordinator or driver you can still help! Members who are not on active duty can help CAVAC thrive by:

  • serving on committees (e.g., public affairs)
  • helping with CAVAC events (e.g., fundraisers)
  • supporting our web site
  • helpline with building maintenance

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High School Community Service

CAVAC may be able to provide Cazenovia High School students with community service work. Call 655-9798 for more information.

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CAVAC Ambulance - Headquarters

Backup crew heads out on a (snowy) call