CAVAC Service Awards 2015

Annual Service Awards


40 Years

Peggy Laidman

35 Years

Walt Norris

30 Years

Nancy Marsh

15 Years

Eric Byers
Ben Gerbig
Joann Gerbig

10 Years

Carol D’Andrea
Dennis Harrod
Patrick McGuire
Cindy Underriner

5 Years

Charlie Davis
Keenan Underriner
Greg Widrick

CAVAC Special Member Awards 2015

President Bruce Ball presented the CAVAC 2015 annual awards at the Member Banquet on March 12, 2016. CAVAC and our community are better for the many valuable contributions of these special members. Please join us in thanking them for their service. 


Life Member Award

President’s Award

John Keegan

Charlie Davis

CAVAC Life Member Award 2015 Charlie Davis

CAVAC Web Site Hacked (Restored)

headquarters-2012-07This CAVAC Ambulance web site (CAVACAmbulance.Org) was hacked in early January 2016 with certain users finding themselves redirected to pornographic web sites. The hack did not affect someone going to our site directly (e.g., using a bookmark or entering the address but rather worked only on those who searched for CAVAC and clicked on certain links from Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Our site has been restored and we are monitoring it to prevent recurrence.

We thank those who first reported this issue to us (in late January) and we apologize to all who were affected.

Please report further web site problems to