Volunteer Open House

[CAVAC Crew Coordinator in office]

CAVAC Crew coordinator on duty

For anyone who is interested in joining the CAVAC family of community volunteers:

We are actively recruiting for Crew Coordinator volunteers.

Our Deputy of Crew Coordinators will be available to answer questions and take applications if you would like to stop by CAVAC on the following dates:

Tuesday Dec 13  5 -7 pm
Thursday Dec 15  5-7 pm
Saturday Dec 19  9-11 am

Questions? Contact Colleen Majka via email at deputycrewcoordinators@cavacambulance.org

T-shirts still available!

CAVAC has been selling a variety of t-shirts and other Cazenovia-branded items this year to support our volunteer efforts. We still have t-shirts available for sale as of 10/26/22.

T-shirts $25

Various sizes

To purchase t-shirts contact Colleen Majka 518-791-5065 

CAVAC seeks volunteer ambulance drivers, crew coordinators

The Cazenovia Republican July 5, 2022

CAVAC seeks volunteer ambulance drivers, crew coordinators