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  • CAVAC Volunteer Spotlights
    The efforts of several CAVAC members have been recognized in recent issues of the Cazenovia Republican newspaper. Check these articles about: Dispatcher Joann Gerbig CAVAC: Volunteer Spotlight – Joann …
  • CAVAC Service Awards 2017
    Presented at the CAVAC Annual Member Banquet, March 10, 2018 by President Charlie Davis and Chief of Operations Eric Byers.  Annual Service Awards 2017 30 Years Niki Ammann 15 Years Dean Bender Paul M …
  • CAVAC Special Member Awards 2017
    President Charlie Davis and Chief of Operations Eric Byers presented the CAVAC 2017 annual awards at the Member Banquet on March 11, 2018. The Cazenovia area and our  ambulance service are better for …

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